Klampfer Elektroanlagen


Gerhard Klampfer founded the business in August 1985 as a sole trader, which became a Ltd. by the december of that year.

He always lead the company prudently and as a careful business man with the necessary respect, nonetheless making “gut decisions” from time to time. With this approach and one of his favourite sayings “maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong but I’m still the captain” he steered his team to exciting new realms and sales heights.

More than once he dared to go into countries early, where others didn’t follow until much later. But exactly this helped the company to gain the not to be underestimated competitive advantage.

Following a tragic accident in 2007, we lost not only our captain, who had steered the company over its first 22 years to what it is today, but also a loved one and a caring boss.

We miss you!